Friday, October 3, 2014

Antiques Fair in Rome's Palazzo Venezia

Staircase to the Biennale Antiques Fair 

Palazzo Venezia is the venue for the 9th edition of the Rome Antiques Biennial this week  (Oct  1-6,2014). 
lunch time at the Biennale 

entrance  to  the Biennale, Palazzo Venezia, Via del Plebiscito
directly in front of the 64 bus stop and Berlusconi's apartment 

Dealer with two sculptures and  a collection of mortars

Roman mosaic table top 

Boldini portrait and two dealers 

 Forty-three  top antiques  dealers  present their collections of antiques, paintings, sculptures and art  objects in  a bid to revive interest (and sales)  of antiques in  crisis-hit Italy.

The best time to visit  the show is  late morning or  early afternoon when  the crowds  have thinned out and  the dealers  have time to  answer questions about about  their  wares.

A magnificent Madonna and child at Ida Benucci's stand

A dealer checks  his computer flanked by  two magnificent paintings
Most  of the exhibitors  are the “old guard”   with  classy shops   in the Piazza di Spagna and  Via Babuino area of  Rome.
Others come from Bologna, Milano, Perugia  and Florence.   

The level is extremely high with museum quality furniture, paintings, sculptures and  objects of art. 
a group of dealers discuss as they await  visitors

Prices of antiques (and real estate)  have come down considerably  in the past decade making this  an excellent time to invest. 
Dealers complain that buyers are scarce,  and the Italians and foreigners who once purchased their prestige wares are now few and far between.

 All styles and periods  are represented at the Biennial where a  few hours  of browsing and chatting with dealers becomes an enriching experience.
Art Dèco parchment consolle
Learn more about antiques, styles of furniture  and how to buy antiques in Italy on  Elegant Etruria's  Antiques  section .

The more you know about antiques and the market, the better you can bargain for  that  irresistible piece that catches your eye. 

For more information see the Biennal's website . Your comments  and questions are welcome.

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