Thursday, September 13, 2018

Michele Telari -Viterbese artist with a love for New York

 Michele Telari 's  personal  show  at La Quercia's  majestic  cloister until  September  23, 2018

Pictures  are worth a thousand words, so I am letting these photos  speak for themselves and invite you to  visit  the personal show of  Viterbo artist Michele Telari on now until  Sept.  23  in the cloister of the Madonna della Quercia , La Quercia, a section of Viterbo (Viale Trieste).
Papal Palace, Viterbo  at sunset 

Renaissance cloister  for  a modern exhibit

Viterbo's   three  epochs 

Viterbo skyline with artist Michele Telari 

Michele Telari 

Renaissance fountain in a second courtyard/cloister 

The Tower, Viterbo 

Alone  on the Brooklyn Bridge 40cm x 40 cm 

black and white NYC

visitors  to the exhibit 

1600s  frescoes   showing various miracles decorate the  vaulted walls