Saturday, March 9, 2013

Irish Trivia Quiz for St. Patrick's Day

  St. Patrick’s Day  is coming up soon (March 17th) so I am giving my readers  a chance to win a  prize while learning about the many connections between Ireland and Italy. 
Here is a chance to test your Irish  I.Q.  so grab  a Guinness (or a bit of  Jameson) and start searching for the answers of this Irish-Italian Trivia Quiz.  

All fields of knowledge are covered: arts, literature, history and some special questions concerning Italy's links with the Emerald Isle.

A very special prize*  will be awarded  to the  first entry  with all 15 questions  answered correctly.   

You have l week to send your entry, but remember the prize goes  to the first correct entry received.
Write your answers  only as  a comment to  the blog, at the bottom of this post
I will check the various entries but comments (your answers) will not be published until the week is finished: Sunday morning  March  24th, 10 a.m. Italian time.
Did you know an Italian began Ireland's bus service?

The entries and the Winner  will be published here on Sunday  evening, March 24. Subscribers to the blog will  know immediately on Sunday evening if they have  won. It is easy to sign up as a subscriber, just leave your email at the very bottom of the page.
You may use  Anonymous, to leave your answers/comment but be sure to add  your email so I can contact you (if you have won). Answers may be in  either  English or Italian. 
 Using Google  and Wikipedia and maybe even some  real books and personal knowledge of  Irish culture,  these 15  Irish Trivia  questions  will be easy to answer.   
Did you know that Irish soldiers fought in Italy's Risorgimento? 

           1.   When is Bloomsday  and where is it celebrated? 
       2.   What Roman street is named after the Irish?
       3.   The Nobel prize for literature  has been awarded to 3 Irishmen.  Name two of them.
       4.   What film did Walt Disney make about Ireland?
       5.   What  Roman school, now closed, had a statue of the Irish    Christian Brothers’ founder, Edmund Rice in the entrance? 
       6.    Where in Ireland is St. Patrick’s Purgatory?
       7.    Where in Italy is the Pozzo di San Patrizio ?  
       8.    What Italian created Ireland’s bus service? 
       9.    Who was John Field and in which country did he live for over 30 years?
      10.   What is the “Gardai”?   
      11.   Who founded Dublin's Trinity College  in 1591?
      12.    Which Irish bridge is as wide as it is long?
      13.    What Irish man  is known as the Father of the U.S. Navy?
      14.    According to legend what Irishman sailed to America in 550 A.D. ? 
      15.   What two Italian cities were  residences of  James Joyce ?

If this sounds familiar, you can see  where and when it  was first published, on my Bibliography page.
 If you don’t know the answers, maybe a friend of yours  does, so  share with your friends on Facebook  and Twitter, just click on the icons  below.

*The Grand Prize: a copy  of  the book of your choice, signed by the author. Paper copy to Italian address or if the winner is outside Italy, the E-book format of Etruria travel, history and itineraries in central Italy or The Irish and English in Italy’s Risorgimento.

May  the Luck of the Irish be with you! 


  1. 1.Commemoration of devotees to James Joyce, celebrated in Dublin.
    2.Both Watling St and Kilburn are Roman roads with Irish names.
    3.-1.Wm. Butler Yeats 1923 2. George Bernard Shaw 1925
    3.Samual Beckett 1969 4. Seamus Heaney 1995
    4.Darby o Gill and the little people
    5.The School of the Christian Brothers/Christian brothers college.
    6.Lough Derg County Donegal.
    7.The historic St. Patricks well in Orvieto.
    8.Charles Bianconi 1786-1875
    9.composer born in Dublin/almost 30 years in Russia.
    10.Guardians of the Peace/Police. group of citizens by royal charter from Queen Elizabeth? First provost Adam Loftus.
    12.O'Connell bridge(Carlisle Br.)
    13.John Barry
    14.St. Brendan
    15.Triest Rome (also Pula Croatia,Paris,Zurick)
    Was fun reading about all the questions! Sure hope I win that Book!! A Presto!!!

  2. Right here are my answers to your Quizz!

    1. 16 June
    2. Via Irlanda
    3. Seamus Heaney, Samuel Becket and William Butler Yeats(I think George Bernard Shaw also!)
    4. Darby O’Gill and the Little People
    5. The Irish College
    6. Lough Derg
    7. Orvieto(my new home town)
    8. Bianconi
    9. Classical composer-Russia
    10. The police
    11. Queen Elisabeth 1.
    12. O’Connell bridge.
    13. John Barry
    14. Saint Brendan
    15. Trieste and Pola(now Pula)

    Regards Patrick.

  3. OK;;;; these are the entries in the Irish Trivia Quiz. I had hoped for more entries, to outweigh the tons of trash, spam comments the blog gets.
    Who should win?
    Or is it a toss up?
    How many did you know?
    No. 1 Jamie wrote where and what, but not when Bloomsday is celebrated while Patrick put the date but not where it is celebrated.
    No.2 was misinterpreted : the street in Rome named after the Irish = Via degli Ibernesi, let me check if there is a Via Irlanda.
    No 3 both went over the top...congratulations.
    no 4. both correct,
    no 5 Jamie got the right answer, its the Christian Brothers school Marc Antonio Colonna, which no longer exists, Patrick's was a good guess...or maybe they moved the statue over to the Irish College when the school closed...must check.
    no 6 &7 Lough Derg and Orvieto -easy,
    no 8 both correct,
    no 9 both correct,
    no 10 both correct
    no 11, both correct,
    no 12 both correct,
    no 13 both correct,
    n no 14 both correct,
    no 15 both correct, Pola (Pula, Croatia) was part of Italy until 1943/44. Joyce worked in Rome at a bank, then teaching English in Trieste. John McCourt runs a summer school there in memory of Joyce .
    Jamie from USA sent her answers for first, Patrick from Ireland sent to my private email.
    Who should win? What do you think ?

    1. What fun this was Mary Jane! So, do Patrick and I share ownership of a book? Next year my Hubby and I are going to Ireland, perhaps we can do a hand-off then?hahahaha Thanks for the entertainment! Hope to meet you in a few weeks:) Jamie

  4. Answers to Quizz
    1.16 June
    2.Via Irland.
    3.Seamus Heaney,Samuel Becket and William ButlerYeats (I think George Bernard Shaw also)
    4. Darby O'Gill and the Little Peopole.
    5. The Irish College.
    6.Lough Derg.
    7. Orvieto Umbria.
    9. A Classical composer: Russia.
    10. The Irish Police.
    11.Queen Elisabeth the first.
    12. O'Connell Bridge.
    13.Commodore John Barry.
    14. Saint Brendan(the navigator)
    15. Trieste and Pola(now Pula)

    Patrick Delaney

  5. Its a toss up! Both contestants have shown patience, courage and intelligence in sending in their entries. Even if there were some discrepancies, they have the right Irish spirit....and both will receive a prize- a copy of a book of their choice.
    Only stipulation: they must come to pick it up in person and enjoy lunch on the terrace too! Anytime between now and June lst. Photos will be taken and posted so the other readers who did not enter will see what they missed out on.
    The main idea of this quiz was to spread knowledge about the Irish involvement in Italy's history while having a good time.
    And to get some feedback from readers...I am so tired of spam comments!

    1. Sounds wonderfull.
      I am just emerging from a bad flu and this will speed recovery.
      Look forward to seeing you in April in lovely Etruria to have that lunch!
      Thank you for a great quizz and for your patience!
      Patrick Delaney.

  6. Super Mary Jane! So excited! We will get directions from your friends at the B&B where we are staying...Lunch on 11th of April? How fantastic!! I will let Ramona know:)GRAZIE! A Presto!! Jamie