Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting to Know Viterbo

Santa Rosa  sanctuary  and  our group of explorers

After  20 years  here in Etruria  (aka Tuscia Viterbese)  I have learned  a lot about the area, but every day brings new surprises   as I recently learned  during an informative  exploratory  walk  with local  guide Daniela (see her website).

We met in front of the Teatro Unione 
For a couple of hours last  Sunday morning,  together  with a small  group organized  by the Pro Loco,  we rambled the tiny streets of the historic  center  visiting artists’ studios, artisans' workshops and ancient churches. Check  my website for an inside look at  the artisans' workshops
Porta Sonza...enter Viterbo and become a free citizen 

Come along  with us and discover  secret corners of  Viterbo that tourists rarely see. 

street of San Pellegrino 
  More articles  about Viterbo   and surroundings can be found  here on my  blog, just  type  Viterbo  into  the search bar  and the links will pop up.  

on Via Mazzini 
To celebrate these first  20 years I  am happy to announce   that the long-promised  publication for Italian readers  is now underway. 

 The working  title of the new book in Italian is Storie  e Segreti  d’Etruria   which will be published in both paper  and ebook format
outside staircase ( profferlo ) in San Pellegrino 
About  50%  of the contents  will come from  my previous book Etruria travel, history and itineraries in central Italy plus a  selection of stories about the area based on original research,the areas’s connections with the rest of the world and interesting  historical characters.

St. Thomas Aquinas preached from this pulpit 
Illustrations, photos and help with translation  are being offered  by  talented  friends and local photographers. 

angels in S. Maria Nuova church 

If you have a special photo showing  the Viterbo area that you would like to see published  why not send it to me…we  might be  able to use it. If so,  you will be credited and receive a  copy of the book. 

ending our tour with an aperitivo   in Piazza del Gesù

 Happy St. Patrick's Day to all near and far....please celebrate by trying the Irish Trivia Quiz published  on the blog last week. 

The contest ends next Sunday morning and  the special prize will be announced  on the evening of Sunday, March  24th.  Please leave your answers as a comment and share with friends. 

walking the streets of Viterbo 


  1. bella giornata e bella Viterbo


  2. Grazie mille, Mary Jane! un bellissimo gruppo che ha reso la giornata splendida!

  3. You are the first(and only) blogger I (truly)follow but I love your blog and postings on face book!!! Thanks again for your wealth of interesting info!! The most recent on Viterbo is extra good because of our next caper!! Grazie Mary Jane! Please keep us further posted!

  4. I am sure you will agree that travel is so much fun when you have more people around you. Love the look & feel of the blog!