Sunday, March 11, 2012

Voyage in Italy with artist Valerio Cugia

Like many other expatriate Italians  who live and work in other countries, the art of Valerio Cugia di Sant'Orsola  reflects   nostalgia for  the  mother land.

When the grey skies of  northern European cities  become overwhelming,  the artist  retreats into  the memory  of  warm  Mediterranean  afternoons. Using his  brushes  and colors  he recreates the  sensations that  we  who live in Italy take for granted.

The artist 's  personal  exhibit  is  now being held at  Galerie Albert Premier, one of the  top art galleries in  Brussels, until April lst.  Here are some photos of the gallery before the crowds arrived.

Valerio  and Petra Cugia

Mrs. Scheepers, gallery owner and  mascot Jojo

before the  opening

 The landscapes and still life paintings  are  a feast for the eyes  and  the hearts of nostalgic  Italian expats and all who love  Italy,  her colors and flavors.

Puglia, Rome and the artist's  ancestral  home- Sardinia - are often portrayed.

Cugia's art has been described  by numerous art critics and his love for  the colors of southern climes  is evident in all his work.

Check the artist's website  for biography, critical acclaim and a panorama of  his work.

Homage  to Rome, its historical cafes and  archeological sites are also favorite themes of Valerio's work.
Caffe Greco 

Roman Forum 

 Cugia has mastered  the affresco  technique   used  by Michelangelo.  
Here are some views of  the  fresco cycle  which visitors to Vetralla will recognize.

The Four Elements: water, air, fire, earth

Cugia at work on fresco ,  1994 

night in the tropical  forest 

                              The different giornate  of work are clearly visible  here.

The Rise of  Civilization,  inspired by  Saturnia




  1. Very nice. I particularly like the first still-life. Thanks for sharing!

  2. it because the subject is lemons and you are from Amalfi?

  3. Ciao, Valerio & Petra! Great to see you looking so well! Thank you, MJ, for this post! Brings back good memories of '94. Wish I were closer to Brussels- would love to see the show in person!- Melissa