Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chocolate and Cinema in old Viterbo

Viterbo's main street 

chocolate show at the cinema 

 The Italians  love for chocolate  and cinema is celebrated together at an historic theatre located  in the center of Viterbo. 
King Kong in chocolate 

ticket booth unchanged since 1948 

The Genio theatre was one of the first  examples of post-war reconstruction and its moderistic style is evident in every  detail: the ticket booth, the glass showcases, original chairs and the curved lines of the ceilings. 

Older residents tell me that it was the town’s favored place for entertainment  in the days before TV. 
Many were  introduced to rock and roll music  in the 1950s  thanks to films seen at  this  elegant movie house. 

salami, cheese and eggs made from chocolate 

During this month  Viterbo's chocolate  shop Casantini  (I wrote about their  erotic themed chocolates here) has filled the vintage foyer  with giant chocolate creations  based on  films  such as King Kong.   The exhibit and sale of chocolate masterpieces  continues throughout the Christmas season.

This historic cinema can be hard to locate  for it is hidden away inbetween two narrow medieval lanes. 

1950s vintage jewellery 
The easiest way is to take Via Roma (see first photo)  to  central Piazza delle Erbe and  then  follow the red carpeting flanked by stalls selling vintage jewellery, handmade  art and clothing set up especially for the event. 

  At the end of the tiny Via S. Maria Ezigiaca  you will find   Cinema  Genio, surrounded by medieval buildings.   

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