Monday, December 15, 2014

Vallerano : Christmas in small town Italy

grotto shrine in the main church, Vallerano

Vallerano, a typical small hilltown north of Rome  is known  for its hazelnuts, wine production and lively summer festivals. 
 The symbolic  lily of the noble Farnese family adorns towers, fountains  and the ancient walls that have kept the town’s  medieval flavor in  - and the cars out.  
Farnese lily symbols abound 

At  Christmas  time the sober  decorations are low key and traditional, ignoring  the crass commercialization seen in  big cities and suburban malls.
pedestrian access to Vallerano 

 Piped music entices locals and visitors  to stroll along  the narrow streets of the medieval  quarter  where doorways, piazzas and cantine are decorated with  Christmas nativity scenes.  

holy water fount in San Vittore church, Vallerano
Renaissance palace with  climbing Santa 
One can find handmade  local crafts in wood and wool as well as traditional foods  and sweets, vintage and antique pieces as well as a train ride. 
wooden bracelets and design objects 
Luciano's mini furniture

Here are some photos taken today. If you feel a need to escape the  hype of big city Christmas, take a drive to Vallerano next Sunday, Dec 21st  for  the final day of “Vallerano Incantato”.
Have you visited Vallerano or any of the other hill towns in Northern Lazio?  Your comments are welcome. Please share with friends. 

a side altar San Vittore, Vallerano
cat in a corner of the town

window garden 

Madonna del Ruscello  (1609) 


train through the historic center 

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