Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hunting for Antiques in Viterbo

Antiques  are for Poor People – Part Two, Itinerary in Viterbo

Only 14 kms further along the Via Cassia from Vetralla (see Part One)  brings the antiques hunter  to Viterbo.  Along the road there are a couple of  rigattiere / junk yards  brimming  with iron, metal and stone salvage objects.  

old radio 
one of the fireplaces purchased from Ginevra Poleggi
The best salvage place, the source for interior decorators and  architects, is that of  Ginevra Poleggi,  located off the Via Cassia at Ponte dei Cetti. (for information simona.spazzolini@gmail.com )   Ginevra's place was where I found the antique tiles,  fireplaces and stone sinks for my restoration project.  

Arriving to Viterbo's Porta Romana take a left and park  in the lot located beside the medieval walls or continue further  along to the free lot next to  Porta San Pietro. You may want to give  a tip to the self appointed guardian. 
antique bedstead becomes plant holder  

Porta San Pietro is where you  want to enter for just inside, on the way towards  San Pellegrino, Europe’s best preserved medieval quarter, is the tiny restoration laboratory  Restauro San Pietro.   

cassapanca awaiting restoraton 

 Daniela and Michele  moved to Viterbo to get away from the chaos of big city Rome and settled in this street resembling the  antiques area around Campo dei Fiori-fifty years ago. 

mirror reflections 
Michele worked for the  Cultural Ministry and  participated in the restoration of the huge doors of Castle Sant’Angelo in Rome.

 Daniela  sources  1950s American  jewelry and knick-knacks which she sells at  fairs throughout central Italy.

tools of the trade 

father and son 
They have carved out a homey corner complete with back garden filled with quirky old garden furniture and plants. 

Prices  are flexible, depending on whether the objects have been restored or not.

Baby Santiago  has a  mini workbench   alongside that of his dad and the shop doubles  as information point for tourists in the summer. 
For information and prices contact sanpietrorestauro@gmail.com 
a magnificent pair of bronze  battocchi 

Marilyn looks down on a davenport desk and night stand 

Leaving their shop, continue into the heart of San Pellegrino quarter where you will find the Museum of Saint Rosa’s PortersHere the traditions of Viterbo come alive with films and models of previous Macchine. 

 The bookshop carries souvenirs and books, including those I have written about the area, published with Archeoares, who also manage the Museums and  the Papal Palace where the first Papal Conclave was held in the 13th century.

models of previous Macchine 
bookshop in the  Santa Rosa Porters Museum 

Maestro Paternesi at Palazzo degli Alessandri 
  The most theatrical piazza  of  Viterbo's San Pellegrino quarter is located here…and if you are lucky  there will be an exhibit  in Palazzo degli Alessandri.  
Interested in Italian antiques? You will find lots of information on my website's  Antiques pages.
Have you been to San Pellegrino quarter in Viterbo?  If you would like more information or other itineraries, leave a comment below and share with friends (Facebook, Twitter icons).  What other antiques dealers can you recommend in the area ? 
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  1. HI Mary Jane,
    Great job, really thanks for the mention.
    The site is also very nice.
    Keep in touch!
    A presto
    Simona and Ginevra

  2. Annika,Chelsea, this area is a treasure trove of dealers with prices much lower than Rome. Let me know if you want more info and check my website www.elegantetruria.com for more antiques articles.

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