Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Montefiascone-City of Wine and Cinema

Est Film Festival, Montefiascone 

The 6th annual Est Film Festival will be held  from  July  21-30  in the charming hill top town of Montefiascone, perched above the Lake of Bolsena in Northern Lazio.
main piazza, Montefiascone

  Staffed  by an enthusiastic group of young professionals  headed by Vaniel Maestosi, the festival  brings a rich program of  films and prizes amounting to 14,000 euro  for  films competing  in several categories. 
Vaniel Maestosi

More than  40 different events and 100 guests  will present encounters and debates  in venues around the city: public piazzas, the Papal fortress, a multisala cinema, the enoteca located inside the papal  palace and even  the papal prisons. 

Montefiascone  also  hosts a craft beer festival this weekend  
July  12-15

One special feature is that the entrance to all events  is completely free thanks to  numerous sponsors. Best to arrive early to be sure of a seat.
the ancient Papal Palace  during film festival

This year American film maker Terry Gilliam is expected as well as  Marco Bellocchio, Gianni Amelio, artistic director of Torino Film Festival  and actresses Laura Morante  and Ambra Angiolini.  

Ambra Angiolini
Laura Morante 
Terry Gilliam

location  Colle di Montisola

during the press conference 

 The success of the Est Film Festival is an ongoing reality, thanks to  teamwork and sinergy with the local authorities and sponsors. 

buffet   at press conference 
When asked what he hopes for the future,   Maestosi  mentioned the possibility of  showing films in their  original language. 

The large English-speaking  community and numerous tourists who summer around the  Lake of Bolsena  would be very happy with this. 

   Considering  the  unspoilt beauty of the landscape (except for   the wind towers near Piansano)  and surroundings, I can see  the area of  Montefiascone as the  perfect  setting for  film troupes year round. 

sunflower  fields  surround Colle di Montisola, Montefiascone

 Here is another story   about  Montefiascone and its  historic international connections. Wouldn't it make a  great film ?  


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