Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuscania Lavender Festival

ribboned sachets  of lavender  

 The lavender fields that cover  large swaths of land in  Northern Lazio (Arlena, Tuscania ,Viterbo,Tarquinia, Montalto di Castro)  are just about to be harvested, thanks to the very hot weather these past few weeks. 
flower baskets at the Lavender Festival 

 The weekend of July 7-8 marks the local Lavender Festival  held in Tuscania's  "new"  historic center, rebuilt and restored  perfectly after  the earthquake of 1971.  

Tuscania's City Hall 

   The tiny streets and  squares  will be bustling  with stalls of  lavender-based products  for  the body and home.
Look for  dishes  prepared  using lavender, including risotto and  gelato.  

rebuilt homes are beautifully decorated  
The town of Tuscania is close to Civitavecchia, Viterbo and Tarquinia  in Northern Lazio, NOT in Tuscany, and makes a perfect  shore excursion, especially for those who dread going in to Rome at the height of summer heat. 

handicrafts filled with lavender 

medieval buildings and fountains in Tuscania 

Loggia on the Duomo square 
If you can't make  it to Tuscania  this weekend, there will be many more  happenings  during following summer weekends. Stay tuned for calendar updates . 

thanks to Christina Thompson for  this beautiful shot of Tuscania


  1. Looks a great event! I never knew the area around Tuscania was famous for its lavender.

  2. Very beautiful event. I like lavender fields very much. Thanks for sharing such a nice post with nice pictures here with us.

  3. Thanks to Podere dell'Arco and Christina Thompson (neighbors near the lavender fields) for the photos.
    Christina's garden blog will be of interest to "constant gardeners".

  4. Love your shots and bet those lavendar fields look amazing. Wish I could come see them.

  5. Great Click which you shared here with good information which really help the people to know about this lavendar festival.Keep Sharing

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