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International Connections - Tuscia and the World

flowery  corner of Lubriano 
A couple of dozen young people, members of Rome’s  Irish Club,  made a  visit to Northern Lazio  this weekend, to visit Civita di Bagnoregio, the dying city. 
Jovez , in the middle of the countryside, seems to be a private home 
 Over a delightful 3-hour lunch  at the hidden country restaurant  Jovez near Lubriano, they were  surprised  to learn that many other Irish  had been here  before them. 
more about Lubriano on my friend Anne's website

Cesare and Federico Giovarelli  run the restaurant with their parents

Among these the Denham family, lords of the land in Northern Lazio for more than a century  and the Talbots whose funerary monument can be admired  in the church of La Quercia, near Viterbo.

semolino gnocchi, spinach alla romana then lasagna

The Irish,  English, Scottish, American, Polish and French connections included royal exiles, cardinals and kings as well as artists and  writers (Countess Blessington, Nathaniel Hawthorne) who left their impressions, some of which were far from flattering.  
Jovez rose garden and lawns 

  These curiosities and connections are the basis of an illustrated lecture “La Tuscia…in Viaggio” to be held-in Italian-on June  8th at the Library of Vetralla (Via Pistella/ Pza. Marconi )  at  5 p.m.
All are welcome,  also to enjoy the  Cene in Cantina festival, that begin that same evening. 
poster  for  the conference 

During the  45-minute  power point presentation, we will explore these international  connections, taking a virtual cruise  around   the Mediterranean, touching on  Malta, Rhodes, Athens, Istanbul and  Turkey to see  similarities  with the Viterbo/Tuscia/Etruria  area.

After lunch -the happy group of modern day Irish travelers 
From Istanbul, circling  the Black Sea  as far as  Georgia, Ukraine and former USSR, we will note  other historical ties with the Viterbo and Northern Lazio area. 

The information given in the talk is especially important for anyone   aspiring to work in or with  the tourism industry in central Italy. 

If you can’t make it on June 8th but wish to participate  in future conferences, subscribe  to the blog by leaving a comment and  your email  at the bottom of this page.

Extra: If you are in the Viterbo area  on June 9th, don't miss out on the special openings of  4 castles in the area.  Dimore Storiche  has organized  guided tours of  members' castles. 

Next week:  Antique  cars and motorcycles :  what the guidebooks don't tell you  about  Civita and Bagnoregio. 

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