Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vetralla’s Carnevale – ItalianNotebook.com

Since  this  Sunday  February 27  will be  the first of the Carnival parades here in Vetralla,  here is the story I wrote about last year's parade which featured  the  Simpsons  and  some satirical  floats about Italian politics.
Little has changed  in a year, so take a look at
Vetralla’s Carnevale – ItalianNotebook.com

We are expecting  some American students   from the Viterbo USAC program to join in the festivities.   Who else  is coming ?
 For the entire Carnivale  program check http://www.prolocovetralla.it/Pro-Loco/programmacarnevale2011.htm

The parade starts at 3 p.m. and includes   giant floats and hundreds of costumed revelers .  If you want to  come earlier  to explore the picturesque medieval streets and have lunch,  I recommend  La Lanterna  a family-run trattoria  right  in the  historic center  on the parade route.

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