Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Walk in Viterbo - Antiques, Weddings and Ceramics

a profferlo in San Pellegrino medieval quarter 

It might be chilly and windy but the sky is blue and  the quiet medieval center of Viterbo beckons to be  explored.  
A Sunday morning walk through Viterbo’s  perfectly preserved medieval quarter  to the Papal Palace for a wedding show  is the  perfect excuse to get  some exercise and meet up with old and new friends.
Daniela Lai's Artistica laboratory and shop

 After parking alongside  the 12th century walls that encircle the city pass through the   Porta San Pietro and head for the cobbled streets of  San Pellegrino medieval quarter. 

On this  January morning  the only shop open was Artistica ceramics laboratory where we  stop for a chat with Daniela Lai and admire her latest masterpieces.   

kids' ceramics workshop Feb. 14th

Around the corner another open door entices us in. Here we find several rooms full of  antique furniture of excellent quality.  
Oriental reflections 

credenza cupboard (approx. 4,000euro)



...and more mirrors 

San Pellegrino was the best place to find antique furniture  back in the 60s-80s when Danilo’s uncle  was my main source for antiques.  
Check the Antiques page on  my website for  stories of collecting antiques  in Viterbo.

Braving the wind we cross Piazza San Lorenzo to the Papal Palace, the venue for this weekend’s  wedding show housed in the lower levels of the majestic 13th century palace.
Piazza San Carluccio 
 A large  number of foreign  couples get married in Italy each year and with the dollar stronger than ever that number will be increasing. 
The possibile  locations  in the Viterbo /Etruria area range from  an agriturismo to a fortified  castle. See my Partners page for  some  examples of magical places in central Italy that I recommend.  More are being added  during the next few weeks, so check back.
Palazzo dei Papi 

ladies of Tenuta di Corbara 

ladies  who sell  wedding rings and locations 

restaurants and photos for weddings

Antonella's  vintage setting 

Torre Alfina, a castle location 

The  Colle del Duomo Museum  and palace complex is the focal point for visitors to Viterbo for something is always going on  here: Mark your calendar for the March 21-29 Antiques Fair  and for the  illustrated conferences that  I will be presenting in February and March. 
Here is the poster for the first one -February 20 at Vetralla's library  

 On Friday, March 6th this talk will be repeated for ArcheoTuscia  at Viterbo's Prefettura (with Chief Inspector Felice Orlandini)  and  on Thursday,March 19th  my newest book "Etruria Storie e Segreti" will be presented  at Museo Civico, Viterbo with Cristina Carosi and Francesca Ceci. 
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  1. Beautiful Italy, this is just gorgeous !
    *love* it all as the messages, the pictures and the quality of the writing. Thanks !

  2. Greetings Mary Jane and Happy New Year to you and Fulvio! All I can respond with after reading this is "sigh.....aaahhhh,sweet sweet Viterbo"

  3. Just by seeing photographs I can imagine how much fun you had at this event. Anyway I am searching for good Wedding location in Chicago and that is why I thought taking help from someone experienced like you will be a good idea. I hope I am right.

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  5. The first talk is done, now for the repeat performance at the Prefecture in Viterbo on next Friday, March 6th.

  6. The first talk is done, now for the repeat performance at the Prefecture in Viterbo on next Friday, March 6th.

  7. Beautiful Pictures! Thanks for sharing this beautiful pictures. I really wish to visit this place.Thanks