Friday, June 27, 2014

Lavender Fields near Rome,Viterbo and Civitavecchia

Wide expanses of purple flowers, a heady perfume, bees buzzing…no, we are not in Provence, nor in faraway Tasmania, but  just a short drive from the  cruise ships docked in Civitavecchia and about an hour from Rome.

Here is a short video  of the lavender fields  I took yesterday. There was a soft breeze and lots of bees gathering  pollen. 

lavender sachets 

at the lavender shop  in Viterbo 

a window full of lavender products 

Finding the lavender  fields  is  also an exciting  experience for the  road  leading  to them is  actually  an Etruscan  “tagliata “, a narrow  passage carved out of the tufa rock  by the Etruscans.  

Here is a short video clip   of the drive along  Strada  Signorino,  leading to  the lavender fields. 

Please share this with friends who love lavender, for  the flowering  continues  until mid or end of July.  
If you are coming to see the lavender fields in the Viterbo area, I will be speaking at the Caffeina festival in Viterbo (Piazza S. Maria Nuova )  on July  2nd, at 8 p.m.  
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  1. please leave comments here, rather than on Facebook....

  2. I wonder if this is a new idea - I don't remember ever seeing them.

  3. This marks our 3rd anniversary since we moved back to Canada after many years living in Rome. Thank you so much for those beautiful photos of the Lavender fields.

  4. This weekend is the annual Lavender Festival in Tuscania. I will be there. What about you ?

  5. Grazie tantissimi per tutte la informazione quello che hai generosmente dato a noi. Io continuerò leggere il tuo blog. Sono un' Americani ma anno fa ho abitato per 5 mesi e 8 giorni a Siena. Mio papà è venuto trovarmi e noi abbiamo visitato la piccola città della mia mamma a San Eustachio vicino Salerno NON il bar che è troppo soldi!

  6. Hi! I am Angelie. Thank you for sharing your video of the lavender fields. They are beautiful! May I ask, did you go to a specific lavender field farm? Because my family and I are visiting Italy this June 2nd-3rd week and we would love to see lavender fields. Thank you! =)