Sunday, May 26, 2013

A chilly weekend north of Rome

Montefiascone's  wine barrel fountain 

May is the season for  festivals, processions and  country fairs  but this year  the weather has not been cooperating. Some may prefer to stay huddled  indoors with the heating on, but if you are a visitor with little time to see the area, the only thing to do is grab an umbrella and warm sweater and  brave the inclement weather.  

Shadesofparadise  from Grosseto 
 The top sites of Tarquinia's Etruscan tombs and Etruscan Museum then  the Sacro Bosco  of Bomarzo, followed by a day in Civita di Bagnoregio and Orvieto: it can be done  as visitors from America  discovered. 
Stay tuned for their whirlwind tour of Etruria in a future guest post.  

lavender from northern lakes 
Those of us who live here usually take things  more slowly  choosing novelty happenings over the tourist spots.

box in  alder wood by Massimo Falchi of Rieti 

   This weekend  was unusually chilly for late May, with temperatures  hovering  around 10-15° C,
dresses  in a vintage  vehicle 

promoting Nepi and Università della Tuscia
rain and high winds. 
This made  the organization of outdoor happenings  very  problematic. 

In the face  of many difficulties,  the Arti e Orti country fair  organized by  Ville e Casali magazine was  a success which saw   hundreds of visitors descending on  Tenuta Valle Cento  on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

 Luana and Tiziana  came to the presentation 
animals in tin 
farm animals for the kids 
Ville e Casali  magazine's stand 
 I was there on Saturday to give a short presentation of my latest book,  to  encounter old friends  and  to meet some of the more than 80 exhibitors  in  the arts, food and gardens categories  who  exhibited their wares  and artistic creations often in stands that  included vintage vehicles. 
vintage Fiat  also  provided shelter from the showers 

Farm animals were on hand and  kids were able to  ride ponies, enjoy a carriage ride or  learn about  plants and gardens.

one of the many outdoor exhibits 
Montefiascone  located at the 100th  kilometer  north of Rome was the destination on Sunday. Here  we were greeted by  glorious skies above the 3rd largest  cupola in Italy and views over  Lake Bolsena. 

view of Lake Bolsena and islands from the Enoteca 

mosaic table at Enoteca Volodivino

corner of Montefiascone 

Giancarlo Breccola with author Gina Crocoli 

Sunday aperitivo in Montefiascone 
  The excuse was the presentation of  two interesting books  at a local wine bar and  enoteca. 

Art historian Fulvio Ricci spoke of the nude in art followed by  Giancarlo Breccola  who presented  the book  Viaggio in Tuscia by Gina Crocoli.  

Fulvio Ricci's book published by Edizioni Archeoares
 How did you spend this chilly weekend? Your  comments in English or Italiano are welcome. Share with friends by using the Facebook and Twitter icons at the bottom of the page. 


  1. You did have a busy time. The Botanic Garden in Viterbo also hosted a fair dedicated to gardening with many interesting conferences during the day and plants from local nurseries on sale. Christina

  2. Grazie, Mary Jane, per la tua attenta presenza nella realtà culturale della Tuscia.
    Giancarlo Breccola

  3. Thanks Christina and Giancarlo for your comments. So nice to get feedback ....instead of all that spam. I encourage readers to leave comments ...its important to know readers' interests.
    Its easy to leavde a comment;
    When it says select profile, you can use the setting Anonymous...

  4. grazie per il supporto!spero ti sia piaciuta la manifestazione!
    a presto, Giovanni.

    1. Grazie Giovanni Morelli (di Ville e Casali) per il commento,

  5. very chilly for this time of the year.driving to Rome