Saturday, May 5, 2012

Village Festival and House Museum

A corner of  the Casa Museo  

two apette guard the City Hall 

Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia,  a tiny hamlet of just over  1000 souls, is a mere  spot on the  map of central Italy, well hidden among the green  hills that stretch from  Vetralla to Blera.

making magic  in Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia

Last weekend its  quiet streets came alive with artisans showing off their handicrafts  and  street artists frolicking as the village celebrated  the arrival of spring .   
Dario soaks twigs for  basket making  in  the 1909  fountain
Showing off finished products..with a  new shirt 

The history of the town mingles with its present.  

objects of the past: clock, brush, mirror, battipanni and oil lamp

modern mosaic mirrors by Bruno of Blera 

Many of the  artisans have "escaped" from hectic city life in New York and Rome and found a new home close to nature in which to practice their crafts  and organize  laboratories for children and adults. 

Cristina shows the technique for making pots 
kitchen ware of the past 
and   the present 
Mosaic pavements of a Roman villa were discovered here  a few decades ago when new water pipes were being laid. 

Rita  shows kids T-shirt decoration

More recent is  the discovery  nearby  of an intact sanctuary dedicated to the Etruscan goddess Demetra which pushed the clock back  even further to about 2,000 years ago.  

 Milorad from Montenegro and  Laura, who designs and makes  textile bags 

Its an open door  town, note the keys in the lock 

Time  goes so  slowly  in this area known as  Etruria that those over  50 were surprised  when the House Museum, Casa Museo was set up,  for the  interiors are just  as they remembered their grandparents’ homes.   

essential bedroom furnishings 

madia for bread making next to the fireplace 

Cannoli  with sweet ricotta cheese 
And, like all village festivals, there were plenty of  good things to eat and drink during the day and at evening dinners.   
Villa Chiarini Wulf wines from nearby Vetralla

 a hungry clown, Johnny Biscotto 

olive oil in repro Etruscan flask exported to China

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