Monday, April 11, 2011

Italia in Tavola

Vendors  from  many  parts of Italy  brought   the best of the country's foods and  handicrafts   right to our doorstep this weekend .     
Biscotti  and carta musica, a thin, crispy  Sardinian bread  could be found  as well as huge round wheels of  Altamura  bread. 
 We stocked up on  mirto, a sweet liqueur distilled from Sardinian    myrtle-berries each January and  rich red   Cannonau  wine.


 Cheeses  and  salumi  from Trentino in the far north were  lined up next to Umbria's   gastronomic  delights  such as truffles   attracting   visitors  who were surprised  to find  such variety in the improvised market  -Vetralla's  main  parking lot . 

Antonella  and  Marco  showed off their  hand decorated Deruta wares including   Easter eggs, dinnerware, clocks,  umbrella stands  and even a giant  dog house .

 peperino  from the Viterbo area
  Deruta   hand-painted  ceramics  come in all  sizes, shapes  and uses  from tiny  pendants    to huge, heavy  tables  made of volcanic  stone
hand painted   in Deruta 

 and covered with ceramic- the perfect "tavola"  for  a terrace or garden since it can withstand extremes of temperature  and need no maintenance.

Here  is  my   olive  motif  table on the terrace, purchased  from  another  Deruta  manufacturer, Domiziani .

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