Sunday, February 13, 2011

Almost a half a century in Italy

I've  finally succumbed  to pressure from   my readers and have set up this place  to  communicate with them. 
 I've called it   "50 years in Italy" for  the nearly  five  decades of  living  experience here. 

This newly available technology will update information given in  my published books. 
See "About"page on my website for a full bibliography which includes numerous guidebooks and hundreds of articles published  since  1978. 

Now  newcomers and visitors can view up-to-date information and    insider tips  not easily found  elsewhere. 
I've been checking out and choosing the best hospitality structures in Italy for  years (See Our Partners) and along with "in-house chef", Fulvio, enjoy searching out and  "judging"  ristoranti, trattorie and cruise ships. 

Besides focusing on areas  usually ignored by traditional media:  Civitavecchia, Viterbo and  historical Rome, I plan to reveal the best of the ports touched  during  past and future cruises around the Mediterranean. 
I will be pleased  to receive comments and suggestions to help make this a valuable resource for  all eager explorers and travelers. 


  1. Beautiful photo of two pretty writers (one of them, I am proud to say, is my daughter.

  2. I wonder if you have ever visited Isernia? (My grandfather was from Castelpetroso near Isernia.) I have been there twice to visit relatives and find it fascinating. The varietal wines made by my first cousin Umberto are very good. They are very refreshing and not tart or bitter. The place reminds me of Phoenix as it is a high mountain desert. Lots of cacti and rocky mountains. There is a special church near Castelpetroso called a Marian apparition site.