Sunday, March 13, 2016

Food and Wine for Easter

wine and food of Etruria
Easter is only a few weeks away and  here in central Italy, in the province of Viterbo, people are already putting together guest lists and menus for  Easter lunch and, just as important, for  Pasquetta  or  Easter Monday, traditionally the first country outing of the season.

modern and ancient architecture 
Today we visited two   food and wine presentations in Viterbo to try and buy traditional  Easter food products: "Arte e Vino al Museo"   held in the Museo del Colle del Duomo, Viterbo's main cathedral.

Georgia and Elena of Archeoares with Passepartout card

Archeoares, the group that manages the Museum, and  Symposium wine shop organized an itinerary through the museum with stops for tasting four different wines.
blessing the wine
Young  servers poured and described  the products  from the Ciucci  biological wine estate  in nearby Orte. 

A pleasant and intelligent way to make the museum come alive  while  promoting the area's excellent products;  visitors happily sipped wine and  munched on delicious pizza bianca as they enjoyed a stroll  through the Museum's two floors surrounded by works of art including Etruscan sarcophaghi, gold liturgical cups and even a Crucifixion  attributed to Michelangelo. 
Crucifixion attributed to Michelangelo

the Duomo  and  Papal Palace loggia

Although it was a cold, windy day we noticed  a buzz  of activity and  positive vibes with  groups  of tourists, new shops  and new  B&Bs as we walked from the Duomo to  the Corso.

Inside the former Church of S. Egidio, Confartiginato had also organized  a 3 day  exhibit/market of traditional Easter foods "Degustando la Pasqua" .
ricotta  hearts

Anna and Dario from Montefiascone

A dozen producers of local cheeses, wines, olive oil, breads and pizze di Pasqua  showed off their wares offering samples, making shopping for traditional Easter foods  both easy and fun...and nobody even thought about  lunch!  

Il Casaletto from Grotte Santo Stefano
a traditional frittata,  for Pasquetta

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