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Change of Date: Promoting Etruria: what today's tourists want to know

Presentation of  Etruria Storie e Segreti  to be held in Rome
March   25th  

Change of Date !! Due  to President Obama's scheduled  visit to Rome  on March  27th  we have changed the date for the  upcoming presentation to be held in Rome at the prestigious Fondazione Besso in Largo Argentina. 
Mark your calendars  for  Tuesday, March  25th at 5 p.m. and come to hear  three distinguished scholars Francesca Ceci,  Luca Pesante  and Cristina Carosi discuss my latest book, in Italian ETRURIA Storie  e Segreti. 

entrance of  Fondazione Besso 

Since  selling copies of the book at the Fondazione is not allowed, purchase  your copy  beforehand and bring it along to be signed by the author. Or pick up a copy at our exclusive  distributor in Rome- the Anglo American bookshop on Via della Vite, near the Spanish Steps. 
The easiest way to get your copy is to order  the book directly  and have it sent to your Italian address free of charge.   

This week marks the   beginning of the 4th year  of  life for  50yearsinItaly  published weekly  in the  town of Vetralla, an  hour  north of Rome. We are proud to announce that  the town has been chosen  by ThazItalia  to take part in an important tourism project backed  by Terravision. 
announcing  ThazItalia's arrival in Vetralla 

 Now, more than ever,  information and promotion of the  area has become of vital importance, and   Elegant Etruria, Etruria Editions and  50yearsinItaly  are happy to be of service.

audience  at  Vetralla's Library 
   After   4 books in English and  20 years   living   in central Italy, I finally gave in to the insistence of  Italian friends  and published  my first book in Italian about the area known as Etruria or Tuscia.  Thanks to   the help of a  highly qualified  team of collaborators,  illustrators,  photographers and translators,  the book  is enjoying  a huge  success.

presentation in Vetralla
Now the hard part of publicizing and distributing   to the general public,  especially those working in  tourism and cultural fields, who  need  to know about the area’s  unique  past  in order to protect and  promote  the  territory   on an international level.

with Francesco Aliperti of Edizioni Archeoares
Since   the publication of Etruria Storie e Segreti there has been a  whirlwind of activity  and promotion and Edizioni Archeoares  is helping me with the coordination.   
Vetralla  presentation 

Regardless  of the   pouring rain  the book was   presented  at   Vetralla’s library to a  full house. Thanks to   culture  councilman Michele Vittori and  Fulvio Ferri.

With Francesca Ceci at Viterbo's Prefettura 
The next weekend we were  guests of Archeotuscia  in the  prestigious hall  of  Viterbo’s  Prefettura, again  with a full house  and lots of book sales.  As archeologist   Francesca Ceci   of  Rome’s  Capitoline Museums  introduced  the book,   the  audience  viewed  the  book trailer with music by Kay McCarthy  and a panorama of  the book’s  many  illustrations.    
Viterbo Archeotuscia presentation 

Yesterday,  a sunny Saturday, we were   at  Libroteca   bookshop  in the center of Civita Castellana.  Among the guests were  Franco Giorgi, dean of the city’s ceramic artists  and  noted artisan Mastro Cencio, Vincenzo Dobbloni.
with Mastro Cencio  at Libroteca 

Libroteca, Via Garibaldi, Civita Castellana

   For more information  about  the book,  where to find it , how to order  signed copies, check this page.  Multiple  copies at discounted price are available   for schools, hotels and  groups .  

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