Thursday, October 4, 2012

Monte Carlo to Civitavecchia-a late summer cruise Part I

sweets shop in St. Tropez
Few words  are needed  to explain the following photos. They are a selection from the hundreds of shots taken on a recent  Azamara Journey cruise which began in Monte Carlo and ended in Civitavecchia. 

St. Tropez fish  market

checking out the rosè
A day in St. Tropez, a visit to a wine estate and a medieval village founded  by Saracens.

wine making seen from on high

village doorstep in Provence 
Rough weather  cancelled the stop in Portofino...  

but an unexpected stop in Genova was an excuse to visit again places not seen since  the 1970s.

 gardens of Palazzo Bianco, Genova

via Garibaldi , Genova
violin of Paganini, Genoa Palazzo Tursi 
Fulvio's unexpected discovery 

light blue  palazzo on Via Garibaldi ,Genova

  Portovenere  was  a pleasure  to wander through, trying focaccia dipped in pesto. The owner boasted that he sells over  500 jars of his pesto daily. 

pizza and pesto shop 
Church of San Pietro, Portovenere 
Byron perfumes and Boston Terrier

Byron's cave, Portovenere

pasta  curtains  in Portovenere 

portside, Portovenere 

The Amerigo Vespucci followed us from Genova  to Civitavecchia 

canal tour in Livorno

 Livorno  meant an old fashioned trattoria for  seafood lunch after  the  boat trip around the city's historic canals.  

at the fish market  
Vecchio Livorno trattoria

How  to find a good fish restaurant in a city you don't know? 
Ask  directions from the  guys who know....
..those who work  at the fish market  !

cooked and served  by the elderly  owners

It was not surprising that most of the passengers on the cruise only wanted to see CinqueTerre  and Portofino, since  these are the most famous  and  other towns on the itinerary  are less known to foreign tourists.

  How many of the  towns and ports mentioned here   have you visited?    Which do you want to know more about?  


  1. I travel the world through your eyes, Mary Jane. Absolutely amazing and beautiful!

    1. thanks for your comment, glad you enjoy the posts... feel free to share with friends.

  2. I really enjoyed Fish food and this place is also very famous toooooo for Fish food......

  3. Most people pass Livorno (and Civitavecchia) by: running off to Firenze, Pisa and Rome.
    Stay tuned for indepth reportage of my explorations of these port will be pleasantly surprised.

  4. A couple of months ago travelling for Argentario we wanted to make a stop for eating fish in Civitavecchia but we got lost! Such a pity, judging by your photos!!

  5. I really like your blog,you speak about Italy and italian tradition not just about the Colosseum or the Sistine Chapel.
    Thank you

  6. Brava, many thanks. All best from a fellow blogger...