Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lenten Lunch on the Lake

As I've already mentioned, this part of Italy is very connected to its traditions and  festivities .
  This is not only  my take on the area,  also  fellow Italophile writers Frances Mayes and Ferenc Mate  have noticed  and written about   central Italy's deep connection  to its past.  Perhaps  it has something to do with the problems  of  modern day Italy?
The Mates (who also  produce  a fantastic wine on their historic  Montalcino estate) have  just sent me Ferenc's latest book  "The Wisdom of Tuscany"  that I will be be reviewing  in a few days (give me time to  enjoy the book!)
In the meantime, check out this post  I wrote several years ago for Italian Notebook that explains  what happens next  on the calendar  of local festivals

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